ُThe one, who would never grow old

About a decade ago, I had this employer of mine, young, handsome and most importantly passionate about what he was doing. Back then, he had busy managing this make up store of his, located in a desolate shopping center which its only visitors were some old remaining of once brilliant days of darning old carpets and rugs.

But this young man which I call Mr. E from now on, changed things slowly and steadily in a process which his relationship with me was also part of it. He tried hard to lure people to set foot in that gloomy corner of a shopping center. I remember him, pointing stores across the street, telling me to look at those big lamps, which enlightened the pavement with bursts of light and complaining that no one in this center would try to attract customers and so on. He even built a tremendous neon panel advertising make up collections for bride and grooms and put it on the roof which could be seen at least a mile away.

I was about 17 at the time, starting to study for university entrance exam and so, didn’t want to work full time at the summer. I worked 3 days a week -for his uncle-, 8 to 15 and 2 hours a day in my off days for Mr. E handing people brochures with promotions unbelievable to nearby competitors. So I was standing there, 2 hours every other day and -at rush hours of course- and handing women/girls those brochures and skipping male passersby. It wasn’t a special idea, something novel or extra ordinary, but it was working. He made that store of his full of customers in a still desolate shopping center in downtown. He paid me weekends fair and square. That good old days.

I told him, you would never grow old in this business. God! most of your customers are young girls among them angles coming right from heaven. What else one may want to do? We had some chit chat time to time about anything and everything. He told me about what he was doing other than his job, how did he and his friends spend their time, the parties they attended, girls flirting with him first thing in the morning at his store and etc. I still think that guy would never grow old if he stood in that business.

Years later, when I went to college, I heard he went into another business, the business his uncle was working in, although he was working independently. Those businesses are not comparable. If he could fend for himself in that business long enough, would never worry about anything in the world, at least until it was about money. Even I was started thinking if I have not go to college and stayed in the business, I may have got things worked out for me and have my own business which most developers would never dream of it. well, I didn’t and can’t blame myself for doing so.

Mr. E is dead. He passed away last month because of a heart attack. Seems business didn’t work out.

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